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“A friend of mine suggested it after he’d had 10% returns over a few months. I was skeptical at first but after their picks beat the market over 6 months I am drinking the ‘kool-aid’ all the way to the bank now. It takes about a week or two of trading to get over the ‘what stock is this’ factor. I use the newsletter in my Roth IRA account given the higher trade frequency and locking in profits. Keep up the good work stock-picking team!”

– John A., newsletter subscriber, New York

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Nothing speaks like returns. i have subscribed to many emails in the past. Less noise and better returns.” 

– George, newsletter subscriber, Massachusetts

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“I’ve been following the newsletter since launch and am amazed by the returns. The portfolio and weekly trades are very clear and easy to follow. The strategy of focusing on undervalued micro and small caps resonates with me because these are reputable companies that are up and coming. It’s a great way to grow my retirement, while investing in these rising stars.”

– Ryan T., newsletter subscriber, Maine

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“I recently joined your quality stock newsletter and am already beating the S&P. I trust your stock picks and love learning about the companies. Thank you!”

– M.W., newsletter subscriber

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“Honest and straightforward information. I rate this report 5 stars.” 

– David A., How to Pick the Best Stock Newsletter

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“Every office has the smart, talented, investor everyone envies as they tell their tales of HUGE returns around the water cooler. Uncharted puts you in the driver seat of becoming the Office Hero. With simple and crisp insights along with easy to follow trades guiding you – your tales will quickly become the envy of the office (while your account continues to outgrow your peers).”

– Matt G., newsletter subscriber, New York

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– John A., newsletter subscriber, New York

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“You have a good service.”

– L.L., newsletter subscriber, Texas

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“Enjoyed it…and made a little money.”

– M.T., newsletter subscriber

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“After my first buy using your service, I was up over 9%”

– O.S., newsletter subscriber